Forum on civic engagement

A small group of area activists, politicians and journalists (and yours truly, for some reason) gathered in Kingston on July 14 with the goal of creating a vibrant community through "A Forum for Engagement," an event which aims to focus on turning vision into action. What follows are highlights from the forum.


  1. Panelist were white person, NY State Assemblyman and dude I like to make fun of Kevin Cahill; white person Michael D"Arcy, Kingston Neighborhood Watch; white person Elizabeth Hare, ReadyCollective; white person Tom Hoffay, Kingston Alderman and dude I like to make fun of; white person Brian Mahoney, Chronogram; white person Rebecca Martin, Kingston Land Trust; white person Scott Tillitt of BEAHIVE and me, of THE EVIL MAINSTREAM MEDIA OF DOOM AND DESPAIR AND DECADENCE, and not a white person.

  2. The forum began with introductions. Then a short TED talk video with Dave Meslin, called "The anotidote to apathy," was played.
  3. Here's the whole session. It lasted three hours. So grab a beer.


  5. Just so you know, even cats were engaged.

  6. This nonsense, by the way is a reference to this.

  7. Another cat
  8. Images
  9. From the stage.
  10. After the panel, at left, N.Y. Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston, and Mike D'Arcy, founder of the Kingston Neighborhood Watch, pick topics of importance.
  11. Tweets during the session were rolling on a screen on top of the panelists. These are some of those tweets (I'm omitting retweets).

  12. I posted this in advance and it came on the screen when I had my hands on my head. The audience got a chuckle out of that.