1. The issue: Complaints have been gathering on the Freeman Facebook page on May 21 about a headline in the May 19 print edition. Many of the complaints are from outside the Freeman's coverage area.
    The Headline: 'Ambulance driver badly hurt in crash.'
    The lead of the story: TOWN OF ULSTER, N.Y. — A paramedic from Hurley was seriously injured Saturday morning when the ambulance he was driving collided head-on with a pickup on state Route 32 near the Ulster-Rosendale town line, according to the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office.
    The story online had a different headline, because there is more room and for search engine optimization purposes.
  2. The public posts on Facebook:
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  12. I'm pretty sure "Ambulance Crew badly hurt..." would have worked perfectly too, but hey I'm not a Paper Writer.....I'm sorry...a "Journalist", I'm a Paramedic....
  13. I'm willing to bet that "Paramedic Hurt" would also let the readers know that the person injured was in the ambulance. As others have pointed out, would you say Police car driver hurt, fire truck driver hurt, or even mail truck driver hurt? You're headline perpetuates the notion that EMS is a lesser emergency service. While this is not the reason we want to make the news, if we do, we appreciate being labeled correctly
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  23. I hope he never gets an ambulance driver when dialing 911... they don't do nearly as much as EMT's & Paramedics....Ignoramus...