Stronger Together Regardless Of Stage: A Twitter Discussion

An attempt to quickly capture the conversation that arose on Twitter after I posted my response to CJ Cornelliusen James's Open Letter to Fran Visco of National Breast Cancer Coalition. This version is being published at 1:14 pm on 01/25/2016. I will try to update it if there is more activity.

  1. Caveats:
  2. 1. It is important to me that this discussion remain civil, respectful and productive. My deep belief is that we can and must all work together to end Cancer.
  3. 2. Given my time constraints today, I have not managed put all of the tweets in perfect order of back and forth (replies) as there were often multiple strands of conversation.
  4. 3. If I missed anyone's tweet(s), please ping me on Twitter to let me know. Thanks!
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