Shared Decision Making Summit 2016: An Unofficial Transcript

  1. I attended the Shared Decision Making Summit in September 2016. The Society of Decision Professionals website provides the following overview of the event:
  2. "The Summit is different than a standard conference. While Shared Decision Making is the overarching theme, rather than a micro-focus on the interactions between patients and their health care providers, the Summit takes a macro-focus of how to enable and support SDM broadly, across all of healthcare. Our objective to enable and support the widespread adoption of Shared Decision Making, creating a "win" for everyone. We recognize the power that a group of organizations can collectively wield in breaking down barriers and building bridges.
    Part brainstorming, part prioritizing, and part defining & structuring, the target outputs of the Summit are ideas that are scoped and fleshed out enough to be ready for project initiation."
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