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Social Media Trolling 101 - Point: Dallas Stars

Dallas Cowboys Twitter account attempts to make joke at the NHL's expense, but the joke goes awry after the Dallas Stars put them in their place.


  1. Despite countless errors and examples of social media done wrong, the Dallas Cowboys joined the ranks of social media usage gone wrong. staff writer Josh Ellis posted his excitement regarding the upcoming baseball season and spring training on his personal Twitter account. Feeling the need to respond, the Cowboys retweeted Ellis, adding their own comment, a jab at both the NHL and MLB.
  2. The Cowboys deleted the tweet, but that didn't stop the social media watchdogs away. It also didn't keep the Dallas Stars from biting back, either. 
  3. The lockout didn't slow down the employees in charge of their social media. The Cowboys backpedaled and apologized for their tweet. Of course, the Cowboys treated the tweet as an "accident", making the apology lamer than their 2012 season. 
  4. The two teams made up, but everyone knows this fight went in the Stars direction. Welcome, new NHL fans!