Measuring Online Engagement

Analyzing results from my audience interaction with survey and an audio interview. Including additional online research to improve my audience engagement.


  1. Twitter Research
  2. Audio Interview Results
  3. Video Interactions Analysis 

  4. provides measurement of how many views the audio interview was played.  In the description I have a direct link, shortened with, to the article about the interview so they can read more about the topic. Google analytics shows that over the past week, the website average direct link clicks for new visitors is 61%.


    I see that since I’m using my company,  page, that is showing upcoming playlist of music that I have made my favorites. My company uploads music to promote artists that will be at the upcoming events I created for live musical performances. I prefer that when the audio clip is finished playing, that the next tracks are only of other interviews from a personalized page using my name to associate it with my website and personal branding.


  5. The Importance of Social Media Engagement for Your Brand
  6. Survey Interaction Analysis 

  7. On my Facebook fan page, I received comments from a friend. This supports the opinion that building and sustaining real relationships creates engagement from my audience. Google analytics for shows that 67% website average of new visits are from referrals. The most common interaction  I’ve received from posting my article links on Facebook is receiving a ‘Like’ from friends. The privacy settings are set to public, which causes my article to show up in the person’s network who clicked ‘Like’ on my post. I believe this is how I’m getting my new site visitors from Facebook. 


  8. Highlights from "Social Media: Engagement vs. 'Likes'"
  9. Regarding new visitors, Google organic results show 81% website average of new visitors find me through search results. I use keywords for all of my posts, which seems to be very effective for expanding my audience.