Protesting #SB5 #HB60 #HB16 at special session of Texas legislature

Nearly 800 opponents of #HB60 + #HB16 waited up to 12 hours to testify before the Texas legislature on 6/20. The bills had been voted down in regular session. A special session was called to try to force them through. Earlier in the week, #SB5 passed. #waronwomen #feministarmy #prochoice


  1. The bills continue an assault on reproductive choice, severely restricting access to abortion and putting undue burden on women seeking services and clinics providing birth control and healthcare.

    Despite heroic efforts, these unconstitutional laws placing undue burdens passed the State Affairs committee on Friday 6/21 and headed to the full House, which ratified them. Texas voters: are you listening?

    Update: On Tuesday, 6/25, State Senator Wendy Davis began a filibuster to prevent #SB5 from coming to the floor of the Senate before the special session concluded at midnight. For more than 12 hours she read testimony from women and constituents, standing without food, water, anything to lean on, or a break. Her filibuster was stopped moments before midnight to force a vote, which the Senate took after the midnight deadline. 150,000 people worldwide watched a livestream as the Lt Governor claimed the vote had occurred before midnight and was refuted by evidence.

    Thanks to Wendy Davis, Harvard law graduate and mother of two in her pink sneakers, and brilliant support and teamwork by the Texas Democrats, SB5 died, a victory for safe, sane medical care and family planning.

    See #standwithWendy for details.

  2. Earlier this week:
  3. Remember Irma Fernandez, and the women (and men) who spoke out tonight.