Advice for the Class of 2016

We asked our followers and friends to lend some advice to the incoming freshman class. Here are a few of our favorite responses...


  1. "Don't fight with your mom on move-in day." - Jenny '14
  2. "Even a pot and pan does a lot for a shared kitchen." - Alex '12
  3. "The best advice I got as a freshman: read Intercom and get involved! 3 busy years later, I'm so glad I listened." - Shayna '13
  4. "Cherish every moment (even when you're tired or stressed)...because the next 4 years will fly by, and you don't want to miss a thing!" - Cristin '12
  5. "Have an old phone? Bring one in case you lose your current phone or it unexpectedly breaks! Saves you the hassle of being phoneless until you get a replacement." - Marc '13
  6. "Connect on LinkedIn with professors, administrators, and classmates starting freshman year. Build on that each year and graduate with a large professional network you can tap into." - Arthur '90
  7. "If all the washers are full/finished in your laundry room, wait at least 10 minutes before you take someone's clothes out to put yours in. If they don't show up, you can remove their clothes and place them on top of a dryer; do not put them in the dryer/press start, they could be delicates. This worked nicely as a rule in my dorm." - Joseph '12
  8. "Try your very hardest to get along with your roommate! Even if they aren't "your type" of're living with them for a whole year, and you want it to be pleasant!" - Kimmi
  9. "Travel! As great and wonderful as Ithaca is, go abroad for a semester and widen your horizons. You will be all the more in love with IC and the rest of the world when you get back!" - Mandy '03
  10. "Get involved and take advantage of every opportunity to do something you've never tried before. You will make more friends and learn more about yourself -- what you like, what you're good at -- and have a blast doing it. When you graduate, think back on your four short years and be glad that you did everything you could to improve yourself and be part of an incredible community." - Chip '86