Salmon Days Festival returns to Issaquah

The iconic Salmon Days Festival is the premier event on the Issaquah calendar. Each autumn, more than 100,000 festivalgoers descend on Issaquah as the city transforms into a giant street fair. The festival is more than just a celebration, however. Revelers learn about science, service and, above all else, salmon.

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  1. The — pardon the pun — Ohfishal Program and a special hashtag debuted days before the festival, starting a conversation about Salmon Days happenings.

  2. The hashtag soon caught on among vendors and people planning to attend Salmon Days.
  3. Salmon Days means merriment for most Issaquah residents, but the festival can lead to headaches. Hence, the need to update motorists about extensive road closures.
  4. Festivalgoers seeking information about schedules and other details received quick answers and links to the Salmon Days program.

  5. Salmon Days festivalgoers on Twitter could also use the microblogging service to hunt for clues and earn prizes.

  6. Using Twitter to cover the festival meant readers unable to attend could still follow festival traditions, such as the opening day parade, in real time.

  7. The science behind the salmon — from the fall spawning season to year-round conservation efforts — is a major focus at the festival.

  8. Salmon Days also serves as a crucial fundraiser for nonprofit organizations in the Issaquah area — another draw for attendees.

  9. The conversation among readers continued as Day 1 closed and folks geared up for the last day of the festival.

  10. Salmon Days' end marked the arrival of a special hashtag to share festival memories.