Crippling snowstorm puts Issaquah on ice

Early snowfall and accompanying bitter cold paralyzed Issaquah for days before Thanksgiving 2010. Schools and public buildings shut down early, but the midday snowfall left many commuters stranded at the office or on roads. Readers on the hunt for crucial information turned to social media. Importantly, the snowstorm reminded residents to gird for a rain-soaked and snow-laden winter.


  1. Western Washington, though infamous for gloom and rain, is less-equipped to handle ice and snow, especially on roads.
  2. The potential for snow prompted government agencies and road crews to prepare — and sound the alarm before snowflakes started to fall.
  3. Still, as the snowstorm intensified throughout the day Nov. 22, the change in conditions caught commuters, schools and emergency crews flat-footed.

  4. Snowbound residents eager for information about closures, hazards and digging out used hashtags — some humorous, some serious — to share stories.

  5. The next morning dawned cold and clear, but accumulated snow and ice interrupted life for many Issaquah residents — and for state Senate candidates locked in a tight race.

  6. Temperatures plummeted after the snowstorm, raising concerns about hypothermia and other cold-related problems.

  7. The extreme cold turned melted snow on cleared roads into dangerous ice, prompting additional safety reminders.

  8. Still, despite the official reminders, hypothermia claimed a man in the Issaquah area just before Thanksgiving.