ISO week in Brazil

Representatives from some 120 countries are meeting in Rio de Janeiro for the ISO week in Brazil, from 8-12 September. This year's agenda includes the annual 37th ISO General Assembly, a seminar on SMEs, a session focusing on sustainability and a day devoted to developing countries.


  1. The day ended with recognition of some of the great work within the ISO family, in particular, ISO/TC45/SC2 who won this year's LDE award for excellence in standardization. 
    Ester Williams from the Jamaica Bureau of Standards  was the proud recipient of the ISO/DIN essay competition. 
  2. Views from industry, consumers, regulators and members were shared during the event, with a continuing focus on how to work together to help serve the needs of our customers. 
  3. The second day of the General Assembly opens with a discussion on the role of standards in trade of services. Aik Hoe Lim from the WTO explained that the distinction between services and products is becoming increasingly blurred creating challenges for international trade. 

    He highlighted several areas where international standards may play a role, such as information about the service, quality control, safety, reliability and consistency, but called on delegates to provide more details on this relationship to help inform evolving policy.
  4. Video of yesterday's keynote Mauro Kern from Embraer, now published!
  5. Standards need to innovate to keep ahead of fast-moving industry, says aviation exec
  6. Video of Haroldo Mattos de Lemos, Tuesday's keynote speaker, now published!
  7. Tackling sustainability through standards
  8. Embraer Executive Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Mauro Kern highlights the importance of sustainability for the aviation industry.
  9. Breakout sessions give us a great opportunity to share experiences and learn from our colleagues. We're looking at four topics: the relationship between standards and regulations; member excellence to exchange best practice in ISO; refreshing ISO's communication strategy; and how to get the next generation involved in ISO's work.
  10. ISO Secretary-General welcomes the ISO family for its annual General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro. This year's focus is how to better engage with standards users.