International Women's Day

Celebrating the achievements of women past and present while looking ahead to tackling the inequalities that still exist today. How did Islington acknowledge International Women's Day?


  1. Islington Council's leader Catherine West and Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South spoke at a Bringing Women Together event to inspire young women from across the borough.
  2. Islington's Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School opened a whole new building today in a fantastic celebration of International Women's Day. They even received a congratulatory letter from Michelle Obama!
  3. Mary Wollstonecraft, 'the mother of British feminism', came from Newington Green. Where better to honour her legacy than Islington? The Mary On The Green campaign for a statue to be erected ran a Boot Camp to fundraise.
  4. Our arts and culture scene thrived on the theme of women, with dance, theatre and live music on the agenda.
  5. The celebrations continue tomorrow with an afternoon event at New Unity on Upper Street. Expect speakers, live music, meditation and a clothes swap, alongside stalls and coffee!
  6. Thank you wonderful women!
  7. Celebrating Working Women: International Women's Day