Unveiling iSee in education’s Twitter chats

This week’s #edchat and #edtechchat are invited to the release of education’s latest technology solution in full participation video collaboration.


  1. Download iSee and login using this meeting ID 423 578 782
  2. Educators keen to discover the next generation of cloud based relationship building software should attend this opportunity to interact with influencers and see what’s in store for online peer-to-peer learning in 2015.
  3. iSee is an immersive video solution that enables many-to-many crowd collaboration, merging video conferencing with interactive, virtual spaces.
  4. Participants video and audio is streamed in real time via personal webcams into an immersive setting where they can move around freely, form groups, talk and share content just like they would in the real world.
  5. The technology uses 95 per cent less bandwidth than existing video conferencing systems. These savings enable participation in large video meetings by people with limited bandwidth capacity.
  6. Take a look at iSee bringing crowd collaboration to life, naturally in the Cloud....
  7. Teaser - Australian startup iSee holds the largest full participation Online Video Meeting
  8. Spatial audio enables multiple users to interact in the same space and hold simultaneous conversations, yet hear only those people within earshot.
  9. iSee is perfect for mingling and meeting new people, so come and network in person with people you have been tweeting with all year round.
  10. Educator Twitter chats
  11. Education Twitter chats take place when a group of educators "meet" on Twitter at an agreed upon time, using an agreed upon hashtag, to discuss topics of interest in education. They provide a unique opportunity for educators to discuss specific topics of interest and connect with colleagues around the world.
  12. These chats are making a profound difference for educators in improving their professional practice, providing ideas, resources and inspiration.
  13. #edchat: Considerd the "grandfather" of educational chats, #edchat is one of the most popular chats and is held on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 pm US Eastern Time (Sydney, Australia AEST: Wednesday 11am). This fast moving chat attracts participants from all over the world to discuss a variety of topics related to education.
  14. #edtechchatis dedicated to all things related to Education Technology and takes place Mondays from 8 to 9 pm US Eastern Time (Sydney, Australia AEST: Tuesday 12pm noon). If you are interested in education technology, you'll find inspiring discussions and valuable resources here.

    How to join this event
  15. iSee has done a lot of work behind the scenes so that our servers can handle large numbers of users talking, sharing and collaborating with each other at the same time (more than 100 people). The immersive experience is graphics intensive, meaning that newer computers with better graphics cards can provide a smoother experience at higher resolution settings up to 1080p.
  16. Download iSee and login using this meeting ID 423 578 782
  17. If the installation doesn’t start automatically then find the installer in your download folder and doubleclick.
  18. After installation enter code 423 578 782 (leaving the password field blank) to access the room.
  19. @iseemeetings hot tip of the week from our support team. When entering iSee with a Meeting ID remember to add your display name.
    @iseemeetings hot tip of the week from our support team. When entering iSee with a Meeting ID remember to add your display name.
  20. Remember to enter your display name before you enter the room or your display name will be the meeting ID. You can also test your video and audio but the room will not be open until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled discussion times.
  21. If you have problems with the installation, support will be available via support chatroom
  22. Tips Please ensure that other network activity on your network is minimised while you are participating in the session. Using headphones or ear buds will improve the audio performance. If your client stops working then quit the application using the menu on the top left corner and restart the application.
  23. Feedback Survey
    Tell us what you think of the tech in the feedback survey at the end of the sessions.
  24. Creator and Founder of iSee Professor Farzad Safaei
    Creator and Founder of iSee Professor Farzad Safaei
  25. Creator of iSee Professor Farzad Safaei