Australian startup holds the largest full participation Online Video Meeting #iSeeRecord

Australian startup iSee™ has set a record for the largest full featured synchronous video meeting, with 67 people gathering simultaneously in an online, full participation video meeting environment.


  1. Creator of iSee’s technology, University of Wollongong Professor Farzad Safaei, says that while this capability is a major breakthrough, the really compelling aspect of the technology is the heightened user experience enabled by freeing users from the fixed position and participation restrictions most other video meeting applications impose on large meetings.

    “Unlike traditional video conferencing technology, iSee is a video meeting solution that enables many-to-many crowd collaboration, merging video conferencing with interactive, virtual spaces. Participants video and audio is streamed in real time via personal webcams into an immersive setting where they can move around freely, form groups, talk and share content just as they would in the real world,” said Professor Safaei.

    The iSee technology enables large video meetings to take place using an order of magnitude less bandwidth with a higher level of engagement than existing video conferencing systems. These bandwidth savings enable participation in large video meetings by people with limited bandwidth capacity.

    Sophisticated technology such as directional audio further supports the illusion of a real-world setting by allowing multiple users to interact in the same space and hold simultaneous conversations, yet hear only those people within earshot, just as in the real world.

    “iSee is designed to mimic natural conversations and the real life act of mingling. By humanising the web we support a new approach to online meeting engagement,” said Professor Safaei.

    iSee Client Innovation Leader, Jessica Sullivan said our success with large video meetings was an important step in readying the technology for application in the education sector.

    “This technology has the ability to engage students, particularly those in regional and remote areas, or students with limited bandwidth. iSee is ideally positioned to address a variety of challenges for Universities including support for flipped classrooms, improved delivery of online learning and enhanced group work scenarios,” said Ms Sullivan.

    iSee is already undertaking pilot studies with clients in education K-12, Department of Education and Communities, TAFE Open Training Education Network and major Australian universities.

    iSee’s innovationin video conferencing has been developed by Australian researchers from the University of Wollongong (UOW) in partnership with the Smart Services CRC andnow through the spin-off company, iSee VC Pty Limited.
  2. Teaser - Australian startup iSee holds the largest full participation Online Video Meeting