Microbiome Coconut Oil Pulling Chews


  1. “Smile you look beautiful” but if you have infected or black teeth. You don’t smile or if than put your hand in front of your mouth, so your teeth don’t become obvious.
  2. Are you really shy to smile because of your infected teeth? Are you nervous to drink juices or mojitoes in the parties??
  3. The irritating situation is when you stand out of the crowd while everyone is enjoying and you are disturb because of your gums and teeth problem. Neither you can eat a lot nor you can drink. You are always cautious because the pain in the teeth may arise anytime if you eat anything.
  4. The doomed situation has remedies, despite of having a course of antibiotics that have bitter taste and gives you bad breath. Better to consume a thing that can treat your oral cavity problems in a natural way without making you eat antibiotics for the long period of time and eventually result in the process of taking out the damaged teeth from your mouth.
  5. Then here you go the time is over. You need to try the veteran treatment of the Oil Pulling technique to fix your dental problems. Oil Pulling doesn’t only fixes your teeth, gums but also improves the overall health and makes you healthy. There are different oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil or Boabab powder.
  6. What does Oil pulling require??

  7. Sometimes it is messy to have a spoon of oil in your mouth, drink it and wait for 20 minutes without eating anything. It is very difficult to adjust with Oil Pulling early in the morning. It is hard to configure the aroma for at least 20 minutes. Definitely it has the treatment properties for your oral cavity but sometimes such kind of treatments are tough to do.
  8. That is why the dentists have introduced few oils that can treat the Microbiome occurred in the oral cavity through the method of Oil Pulling Chews.
  9. Coconut oil and its properties:

  10. The luric acid in the coconut oil has the characteristic to treat the microbiome effectively. The luric acid slows down the replication of bacteria in their vitro, especially it slows down the growth of Streptococcus that spoils the gums and increases tooth decay.
  11. Avocado oil and its properties:

  12. Avocado oil is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats named oleic acid. The oleic acid is healthy for the treatments of microbiome. It is high in antioxidants and rich in Vitamin E properties. These components prevent the inflammation in gums and tooth aches.
  13. Baobab and its characteristics:

  14. The prebiotics made from the fruit of Baobab tree have healthy microflora. It is rich in Vitamin C and is helpful in the treatment of oral problems especially gums. It has little flavor of Citrus that gives it a little sweet taste. That is why it is used in the making of microbiome Oil pulling chews to demolish the taste of oils.
  15. There are many kinds of Oil pulling chews and they have variation in their recopies
  16. The choice of Oil pulling chews is a quest to conquest isn’t it?

  17. If you are new and don’t know much about oil pulling chews than one must go with the chews that have more Vitamin C baobab powder. Because it has a good taste and definitely have the property to decay the microbiom, if the cavity is big and the infection if more. Then one must use the oil pulling that has arginine oil. Arginine oil helps prevent the tooth decay and solve most of the problems caused by the microbiom in the oral cavity.
  18. The chews that are made including Arginine oil are always the effective oil pulling chews to kill the microbioms and give a sense of relief to the condition of pain and cavities.
  19. Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits and How to do Oil Pulling