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Can’t Sync My Apple iPhone with iCloud Backup!! Please Suggest


  1. It’s good to keep the backup of your important files, whether you are using a computer system or the mobile device. Backing up is an important step to secure your information. By chance, if you lost your phone or your phone may be stolen, but if your iPhoneis synced and your data is backed up, then you will not lose any of your information. If you are using the iCloud Backup to backup your iPhone, then here we will tell you how to sync iPhone with iCloud backup easily to save your important information. Just go through these steps:

    1) First, you need to select the Settings button from your home screen.

    2) Browse down to “iCloud” in the setting Menu and tap on it.

    3) You need to enter your Apple ID and password, which you use to login into iTunes or App store. If you don’t have, you need to create it and log in with the credentials.

    4) You need to merge your data

    * After login successfully, you’ll view the iCloud sync option screen.
    * In the iCloud sync option screen, you’ll ask to select one of them: “Merge” or “Don’t merge”.
    * If you select Merge option, then all your content information which includes contacts, events, and the bookmark will be exchanged from both your iCloud and iOS device.
    * If you select “Don’t Merge”, content from iCloud will substitute what you have on your iOS device. So, we advise you to always select “Merge”.

    5) Configure your Location Preference

    A screen will appear where you need to select “OK” to enable the Find my iPhone feature on the device which will locate your device. It is strongly recommended to turn on this feature.

    6) Set up a Email to sync Notes

    Your iOS device will sync its content. To turn on sync Notes feature, you need to create account.
    If you would like to sync notes, then you need to create a free account.

    7) Create a Backup of your data

    * iCloud provides the option to create a backup of your all content to iCloud. This is very helpful in saving your device memory.
    * In case, you lose your iOS device or if you buy a new one and want to keep the apps, music, and videos which you had already downloaded.

    These are the steps, which will provide you the information about how to sync iCloud drive easily. If you face any difficulty while executing these steps, then you can take support from the experts through iCloud customer phone support @+1-888--815-6317 available online
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