All About Twitter and Branding

For the past few months I've been writing about branding on Twitter on my Tweep Blog. Through this curation, you should be able to answer: What branding is, why it's important, and how can your small business/non-profit can start branding on Twitter NOW.


  1. To start off with all this Twitter and Branding stuff take a look at the picture below. This picture by Yiying Lu is so true to me, you are what you tweet. What that means is what you tweet influence how others perceive you, your personal brand.
  2. So, what is a branding anyway?
  3. The Non-Profit Tool Box says a brand is the sum total of how the public feels about a particular organization. So basically, how people feel/think of when they interact with your organization. For example: Apple = Innovative, CoolIBM = Business, Conservative. I agree with this, however, I feel like there is more to branding than what others think of you, like your image (so the colors, slogans, graphics, all that). The Non-Profit tool box goes more into detail about branding in the blog post below.
  4. Mark Reed-Edwards author of '3 Reasons Why Branding is Critical for Every Small Business,' says branding is about the reflection your organization reflects and that has to do with even the tangible things. The colors of your brand, your Twitter, your organization’s website. I very much agree with this, which is why I'm going to tell you more about why branding matters. Come on you can't be the CEO of McDonald's and have your Twitter set up looking like it's Starbucks. Get it?

  5. This video by Gavin Wedell shows a combination of both definitions I mentioned above. I feel like I agree with this video because it conjoins both the tangible and non-tangible ideas of branding.

    P.S. it's in British English.

    What's you definition of branding? I want to hear it.
  6. What is "BRAND STRATEGY"?
  7. Why is branding on Twitter important anyway?

    1. Influence how they feel about you.
    Like I said before, to tap into the emotions of people so that they believe in your organization. You need the support, you need them to believe in you, and by having a strong brand you can make this happen.

    2. Who are you? 
    So that people know who you are. If you don’t have an identity people won’t know who you are. Every one knows the big yellow ‘M’ is McDonald's, why? Because they have great branding. The cool computers with the white apple are Apple Mac. The organization that grants wishes to kids with chronic diseases is Make- A -Wish. They all have a consistent brand and so people know who they are, what they do and what they believe/stand for.

    Need more reasons? Take a look at the blog post below by Neal Schaffer. My favorite is 'You are what you Tweet' which I have already discussed before.

    Why is branding important to you? Let it all out.

  8.  Reasons why should you brand on Twitter?

    1) For one, you don't want anyone stealing your identity (just like the picture by GigaOM below). Secure those handles fast before Qwikster beats you to it! (I'm sure you know all about the Netflix Qwikster scandal, I hope. )
  9. 2) Then there's that love-love relationship. Twitter is PERFECT for branding yourself. Why? Twitter, is all about etiquette and building and maintaining relationships or it’s game over for you. Check out
    'Twitter: The Single-Greatest Relationship and Branding Tool' below for more insight!
  10. 3) Did you know Twitter is way more powerful than Facebook and email? This infographic by Ben Wagner @benfwagner in collaboration with by @PivotalChicago says it all. This stat really shows the power of Twitter: 37 percent of Twitter users are more likely to purchase from a brand after becoming a follower. That's about 50% more than Facebook users.
  11. 4) This infographic by NJI Media Infographics shows great tips, when to Tweet and how it's rewarding. My favorite is 'Twitter followers return on investment', just another reason why Twitter is so great!
  12. How to get your business on Twitter and start branding.
  13. Cindy King in '5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Business on Twitter' makes it very easy to understand how to get your business on Twitter. I really like this post because it shows you step by step on how to get on Twitter. It tells you exactly what to DO on Twitter.
  14. Of course, you also need to know what NOT to do on Twitter.  William Arruda gives perfect examples of how not to build your brand on Twitter. An obvious one, don't run out of stream. Check out his Twitter, he always gives helpful tips on branding!
  15. How NOT to Build Your Personal Brand
  16. The post below by Douglas Chan shows you how Twitter can be the perfect marketing tool. Come on you should know that 2)Twitter acts as an excellent networking tool. There are so many people on Twitter you can add to your network.