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Kansas City Gets Buried Again by Another Winter Storm

Winter Storm Rocky meant business for the Texas Panhandle and today it means business for parts of Kansas and Missouri including the Kansas City metro area. Due to the amount and weight of snow, power outages are growing as tree limbs come down on power lines.


  1. Kansas City metro

  2. Winter Storm Rocky Radar Loop (Tuesday morning). Source:
  3. Winter Storm Rocky Radar Loop 2/26/2013
  4. Close encounter with a Bradford pear tree limb.
  5. Tree limbs and power lines are never a good mixture.
  6. Move the cars!
  7. Heavy snow weighing down tree branches.
  8. In this panorama, you can see tree limbs sinking to the ground.
  9. This reporter from @41ActionNews shows how the tree limbs are weighed down.
  10. Early Tuesday morning in Kansas City; the winter storm is reaching its peak intensity.
  11. Columbia, Missouri

  12. The same story is playing out in central Missouri; tree limbs sinking and power lines lowering.