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When MPs tweet: Throne speech edition


  1. As Day Two began some of the bloom had faded from the first-day-of-Parliament rose, but spirits were still high leading up to the speech from the throne.

  2. Lots of the chatter on MP twitter feeds Thursday was about civility and decorum and how it is the future of #parl41 (no word yet on whether it will make us taller, better looking, etc.).

    In that vein we present ... civility now!

  3. Or not...
  4. Friday's throne speech was the primary topic of conversation throughout the day, and with cannons, flags, and a red carpet, it wasn't hard for MPs to extend the high from the election of Speaker Andrew Scheer the day before.

  5. There was lots of speculation as well, including from an unexpected source: Conservative MP Daryl Kramp.
  6. (Hopefully? I don't think anyone's told Daryl Kramp that you get free rein on agenda setting when you're part of a majority government).

    When the bells had been rung and various officials had been dispatched to walk from one chamber to another according to the dictates of tradition, the MPs ended up at the south end of the Senate chamber. Veteran MP Carolyn Bennett, who was first elected in 1997, managed to get a clear view from inside the room.

  7. Conservative MPs Rick Dykstra and Laurie Hawn actively tweeted some of the main points of the agenda that their party would be pursuing in its first session as a majority government.

  8. Clearly, Rick Dysktra is in the right place, because he seems almost as excited about this agreement as Elizabeth May is about everything to do with her first two days in Parliament.

    Laurie Hawn took it from there with a policy blow-by-blow.