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In memory of Danielle Naçu

The ghost bike placed anonymously at the site of Tuesday's accident brought mourners together for a moment on Queen Street.


  1. Pedestrian traffic slowed in front of 131 Queen St. Wednesday, where a ghost bike was set up to mark the place where a 33-year-old cyclist was killed Tuesday morning.

    Danielle Naçu was a senior program adviser for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. She was addressed as "Danielle ma belle" in one handwritten note and remembered as "simply the best."

    The memorial bike, freshly painted white, was locked to a sign post early Wednesday morning.

  2. Over the course of a cool and grey Wednesday, more government workers and fellow cyclists arrived to lay flowers, notes and pictures at the memorial.

    By noon, sunflowers, roses and lilies covered the handlebars and the pedals.

    "That's so sad," people said as they lingered in front of the bike, painted entirely white. Those who hadn't heard about the accident were told the details by others, and some recalled the five cyclists who were hit and injured on a Kanata road in 2009. The accused in that case is now on trial in Ottawa.

    On Twitter, people spread the word that a memorial ride has been planned for next Tuesday.

  3. The accident renewed calls from Ottawa's cyclist community for safer streets, and raised questions about what the city and drivers can do to prevent these tragedies.

  4. Ghost bikes like the one placed for Naçu have been used as somber reminders of such tragedies, and as statements for the rights of cyclists to a safe ride, since 2003.