Tapping into The Best Of iPad Mini Repair Kuala Lumpur (KL)

The iPad Mini has never been more well-liked. Even though smaller sized than a normal iPad, it features a 7.9 inch screen, offers longer battery life and similar running capacity as a normal iPad. The iPad Mini also has a dual-core A5 processor which functions at 1000MHz to give you Apple's recognis


  1. In spite of it all, problems to the iPad Mini can still take place because of mishaps like being water-logged or being dropped. If your gadget is in need of restoration as a result of such defects, leave it in the efficient hands of imalaysian.com's experts.
    Our technicians here are pioneers in Apple repairs and they will attend to your iPad with skill and speed. Every technical issue is familiar to our crew and they are competent at fixing it.
    The turnover time of the firm is swift all because of our team's know-how. And it is as a consequence of this that we are able to set the fastest turnover period when compared to other like companies.

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    What is it that helps our company to be so effective?

    It is for the reason that our technicians are so well-versed with almost all technical problem pertaining to Apple products that it involves only a small amount of time for them to identify the trouble. Only premium legitimate replacement components are utilized at iMalaysian.com. We only makes use of nothing other than first-rate legitimate parts to replace damaged ones. This is because we places importance quality over amount and authenticity is the very foundation of the organization's policy. There is much less possibility of the unit crashing yet again if it had authentic parts.
    If this is not sufficient, then be amazed by our 90-day warranty period. All parts replaced on your gadget has a 90-day warranty courtesy of imalaysian.com.
    The warranty entitles you to bring back the device for further repairs at no cost if your gadget is still not working properly after repairs or you can request for a total repayment from us. Whilst undertaking all this, we are still able to minimize our carbon footprint. No paper is made use of in the firm. In lieu of paper, details are entirely typed into our computers and formal statements are routed by e-mail to all clients who have the alternative to print them out.
    Whenever your iPad Mini is not working, come and drop in on us and we at imalaysian.com will ensure that your device comes back to you working like new.