Noel "Vlady" Fisher's tweet feed full of food

Actor Noel Fisher (Battle L.A., Breaking Dawn) expressed concern on Saturday that maybe all he tweets about is food. I thought it was the Quileute wolf pack that had the big appetites.


  1. Fisher is partial to Vancouver's cafes, where he is currently filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  Playing the part of Vladimir, Fisher is an ancient Romanian vampire, paired closely with the also "creeptacular" Stefan (Guri Weinberg).  

    In Stephenie Meyer's novel, Vladimir and Stefan are described as speaking "in a smooth tandem, their voices so similar that less sensitive ears would assume there was only one speaker." (Breaking Dawn, p. 626) 

    Off the set, Fisher and Weinberg go out to eat and spar on Twitter.  

    It's perfect.

  2. So I had to ask:

    @twilidiot Gretchen Vaughn Mar 18
    @GuriWeinberg @noel_fisher Did you two know each other before Breaking Dawn? It seems like you've been together for thousands of years.
  3. I like following Noel and Guri because they talk back to their tweeps, which is the entire point of social media.  I'm still surprised at how many accounts -- celebrity, enterprise, non-profit or otherwise -- think Twitter is a broadcasting medium.

    The interaction between the two and their tweeps is usually pretty amusing.  But both Noel and Guri spend most of their time on Twitter saying "That is so sweet! Thank you!", "Good luck on your test" and how happy they are for time with their families.

    Does Noel only tweet about food?  Less than 25% by my estimates.  But as you can see from the summary below, he does talk about food quite a bit.  At least it's about sushi, cake and curry.