Small Business Investment Ideas

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  1. I am always interested to see how other's small business investment ideas work out. Lately I ran into a couple who purchased a limousine and began their very own limousine service. They have had tremendous success and that I believed it was a story worth sharing.

    In the beginning, they purchased the limousine just using the thought in your mind to supplement their income. They both worked 9-5 jobs through the week and wished to pick up some more money on the weekends. By investing in a limousine they believed that they are able to offer high-end rides to high schools children going with their prom, bachelor parties as well as individuals who needed rides to the airport.

    As soon as they got their limousine they put several advertisements online and around their community. They could provide a lesser cost than other limousine businesses, because they'd no staff. They did not have to pay their limousine drivers, because they were the motorists. As they saw their customer base grow and grow they were shortly being forced to turn customers down because they were just over reserved.

    In just several months they had used their profits to purchase two more limousines and hire additional drivers. They were making money hand over fist and it was not long before they had both leave their full time jobs and were in business for themselves. They have have their new found flexibility and therefore are a shining model of how small business investment ideas can benefit anyone.