Many Ways of Investing in Gold and Many Different Reasons to Do So

There are probably as many ways to invest in gold as there are reasons to do so in the first place.


  1. There are probably as many ways to invest in gold as there are reasons to do so in the first place. In fact, many of these avenues of investment line up rather nicely with particularly motivations for investment, frequently making it relatively easy to decide which makes the most sense.

    At sites like, those who are investigating their gold investment options will find both traditional and newer, more creative methods detailed. For example, many investors first put money into gold through commodity markets like the Chicago Board of Trade, buying futures that represent bets on the upcoming price of the metal.

    This can be one of the most accessible ways of all of investing in precious metals, but it is not without its drawbacks. For one thing, futures contracts that finish "out of the money," ending up with strike prices that make them useless given market conditions, return nothing to their owners. That means that futures investing is often an all or nothing proposition, a far cry from the kind of stability and safety that drives many to gold to begin with.

    For investors of this latter sort, there are often better options. One of these is the straight up purchase of bullion, establishing ownership over specific, physical quantities of gold. There are a number of ways of doing this, from making purchases at local coin dealers to seeking better prices online, but they all lead to the same concrete result.

    For many investors who are interested in gold, this is the most appealing option of all. Because gold trades at prices north of $1,000 per ounce and is extremely dense, it is relatively easy to store quantities of it that represent fairly significant investments. In fact, bullion dealers even offer bars of the metal containing eighty ounces or more, making even investments as large as a million dollars quite practical.

    Of course, investing in this style does bring up the question as to how to store the gold that is acquired. Some find that high-quality home-based safes make good sense, while others take advantage of those few local banks that still offer safe deposit boxes. Still other investors pay to have their gold stored professionally by specialists, another option that is becoming more popular.