1. Breaking News: #FSA The defection of military judge from #Daraa #Syria Adnan Mohammed Al-Kokab. He is located in a safe area and has provided some critical information. Free Syria!
  2. DAMASCUS: An officer from the regime’s army executed the recruit Khaled Wahab al-Saad, from Bokamal, in front of his colleagues because he advised them to disobey all orders that demand firing on peaceful demonstrators ... so sorry for this crime....Rest in Peace.

  3. DOUMA: OUT IN THE DARK OF THE ONGOING POWER CUT..... We can hear them, even if we can't see them.
  4. 1 3 Douma Damascus أوغاريت دوما ريف دمشق , مظاهرة مسائية الخميس بدء حملة وجاهدوا بأموالكم سوريا تستصرخكم
  5. HOMS

  6. BABA AMR: Several defected soldiers were martyred, among them Saeed Hawwash, 21, from Deiz Ezzor ...God give peace to all....
  7. KARAM AL SHAMI: Dodging death to leave the Mosque
  8. 1 3 Homs أوغاريت حمص حي كرم الشامي , هكذا يخرج المصليين من المساجد
  9. Daytime was no safer for the people as they had to dodge Anti aircraft fire if they wished to cross the road.
  10. 1 3 Homs أوغاريت حمص كرم الشامي الشيلكا تقصف عند مفرق الشركه والأهالي في رعب شديد ج2
  11. People collecting snow for water because the water supply in Homs has been cut off.
  12. حمص باب السباع الناس يجمعون ماء الثلج من اجل الشرب