1. Welcome the Portland Occupier's Liveblog for May 1, 2012, the day of a general strike call, as well as many other actions. I'm Adam Rothstein, and I'll be editing the blog, with the help of our many correspondents in the field. To help us out, post your photos and reports from the field to Twitter or other social media. The hashtag for the day is #m1pdx in Portland, and #m1gs globally. Also be sure to check out our media sibling, OPDXlive, where they will be coordinating Livestream video all day long.
  2. 11:00 PM - Shutting down the liveblog for the night, even though the strong-willed and sleepless remain outside the Justice Center. Thanks for everyone who helped out today, with photographs, video, tweets, and providing info. We couldn't do this without you!
  3. 10:12 PM - Most of the protesters have left, but about 50 remain, on the sidewalk across from the Justice Center. Every time the protesters try to cross the street to the Justice Center, the riot cops come out and beat everyone back to the other side of the street to the sidewalk outside Chapman Park.
  4. 9:38 PM - Police are being very aggressive about closing off the park, which is technically open until midnight. The sidewalks in front of the Justice Center are also being closed off, and riot cops are beating the protesters back with long sticks. 
  5. 9:16 PM - Nice overhead shot of the May Day march from earlier this afternoon.
  6. Overhead view of march.
  7. 9:10 PM - Our correspondent Paul remarks that the situation reminds him of eviction night, with a standoff between riot police and protesters and SW 3rd and Main.
  8. 8:58 PM - Portland Police arrested journalist Tommy, from OPDXlive. Also they pushed journalist KMM over a bicycle.
  9. 8:45 PM - Arrests at 4th and SW Yamhill. Livestreamers were arrested. Might have been a "swoop and grab", our correspondents report that hard squad RRT got back on their trucks and drove off after arrests.