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After Thanksgiving, America has Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. But after spending a day with family giving thanks, wouldn't you like to give back? A group of organizations has gotten together to do just that, creating Giving Tuesday. This November 27, how will you give?


  1. When you decide to do something and help someone else, it doesn't have to be something huge. Sometimes doing something small for someone can make a huge difference in their lives.
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  3. Brings a tear to my eye
    Brings a tear to my eye
  4. Sometimes it's as simple as asking a question and reminding people that good things are out there, even if it can be hard to see:
  5. But when people take it a step further, when they dedicate themselves to doing little things all the time, the results can be incredible. The same thing happens when people hear about one person doing something awesome for someone and they decide to help, too - as the USA Today article below says, "generosity can be contagious." 
  6. The simple fact is that people are by nature generous. Learning about a problem doesn't have to be a guilt trip - knowing that you've helped someone in some way feels good. If it didn't, why would people go so out of their way to do it? Run a quick Google search on "restore your faith in humanity," and have a look at what comes up: 
  7. We hope you'll join us on Giving Tuesday, and if you do, please share on the Twitter hashtag #GivingTuesday. Here's to a self-sustaining movement!