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  2. About Integrity Exports

    Integrity Exports buys cars from more than 120 houses of auction, both big and small. Integrity Exports is Japanese Company which exports cars bought on auction to customers all over the world. Many auctions are held in places like HAA Kobe and USS Tokyo, but Integrity Exports attends many different auctions throughout Japan to guarantee a wide variety of options available for their clients. Over 7 million cars are bought and delivered by Integrity Exports every year.

    In addition to Japanese car brands like Honda and Toyota, Integrity Exports is able to purchase all different kinds of cars. From gasoline to electric and hybrid and from new to old and even right hand drive vehicles and left hand drive vehicles, the selection available with Integrity Exports is vast. Integrity Exports is sure to be able to get any kind of car you are looking for. If you are considering buying a car from a foreign auction, let Integrity Exports handle everything for you.

    Integrity Exports has helped customers from five different continents get the car they wanted at the price they expected. Integrity Exports will not only handle bidding for cars in auctions for you, but they will also handle all of the paperwork and transportation of your vehicle. Integrity Exports will make sure the vehicle is properly deregistered and cleared from customs and sent to you as quickly as possible.

    Integrity Exports has two unique guarantees to help ensure the satisfaction of every customer. Their first guarantee is transparency; Integrity Exports provides every customer with the original invoice from the auction to show the honest price that was paid for each vehicle. Their second guarantee is to never go over your agreed upon budget, or else they will pay the difference.

    It may not be easy to find a trustworthy supplier of cars bought from auctions, but with Integrity Exports you can be certain that everything is being handled honestly and effectively. Integrity Exports is a member of JUMVEA, and is also highly recommended by previous customers. All of the reviews made for Integrity Exports are verified for authenticity by a third party, so you can be certain that even their reviews are honest.

    Integrity Exports is not only transparent with their prices but also with every detail of the process. Integrity Exports staffs native English speaking customer service representatives with college degrees in Japanese to ensure proper and adequate translation of every detail. When you choose to buy a car from a Japanese auction with Integrity Exports you do not need to worry about anything. Certain details about the cars or the process such as finances and shipping can be easily accessed online at any time.

    Integrity Exports wants to help you buy cars from Japanese auctions. Visit our website to see for yourself what we have to offer you if you are looking to buy a car from Japan.
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