Mystery Leak inside Ballyfermot Resident's Living Room Solved

Thanks to a Dublin based company and their dedication to home emergency assistance


  1. One regular morning, Mr. Horgan of Ballyfermot noticed that there was certain water damage seen in his living room. Fearing that the water damage might actually spread to other parts of the room, Mr. Horgan was quick to act on the problem by calling He had found out about after making a simple Internet search using Google.

    Within the day of calling, a Ballyfermot plumber showed up at Mr. Horgans' doorsteps. He gave the living room are a close inspection and found out that the laminate flooring which was found in the same room had started to buckle. This allowed the plumber to lift a couple of the damaged boards, enabling him to trace the leak to what he felt was the main source -- a leaking pipe found at the back of the fireplace. Once uncovering the main leak, the plumber immediately fixed the leaking pipe to prevent the damage from further spreading.

    The Take Home on Water Damage

    Mr. Horgans' experience on his living room leak problem can serve as a lesson to the rest of the population especially when it comes to how sneaky plumbing problems develop. Unless you are dealing with a burst pipe, you may not be aware that there is a leak in any of the pipes of your house's plumbing system unless the leak has began to damage the ceiling, floor or walls of your house. And if you have carpets or vinyl floors, it's even possible that the leak damage these structures of your home, leading to a larger bill that you have to foot. You must have a keen eye in order for you to spot developing water damage. Moisture and water spots are a couple of the signs to look out for.

    Act Immediately

    Every homeowner has to know that when leaks start to develop in their home, the longer that they wait before bringing in a professional, the more that they will have to pay for to get everything fixed. And it may not just be your carpets that could get damaged but also the pieces of furniture that you have around if the leak gets really bad. A delay in asking for help can actually cost you more in repairs, and in replacement of damaged accessories and furnishings. Leaks can strike at any given moment of the day or night. With the possibility of a leak threatening your home always an inevitability, homeowners and property owners must be aware of who they call when this problem strikes.

    Loss Assessment and Insurance Claims

    Since the water damage had already made its way to the floorboards, even with Mr. Horgans' prompt calling of, that was not enough to keep the vinyl tiles from buckling at the joints and needing replacement. This meant that the entire section of the laminate flooring that was affected by the leak had to be removed and replaced. While the leak was easy to solve, the cost of the replacement of the affected vinyl boards weighed heavily on Mr. Horgan' shoulders and wallet.

    Owners that have had their properties insured should review the coverage of their policies in order for them to find out whether or not the damage and resulting property loss is covered. Once ascertaining that the damage is covered, the next step is to file a claim with the insurance company. In order to file an insurance claim, the policyholder has to get in touch with a loss assessor in order to have the damage evaluated and get the estimated value of the repairs and replacements. The problem with this process is that it is more complicated that it seems to be and that is enough to discourage homeowners from making claims.

    In the case of Mr. Horgan, a loss assessor from was in contact with him a day after the repair was done. Because of the extent of the water damage and the amount needed to fix the damaged floorboards, the loss assessor advised Mr. Horgan to file an insurance claim in order to cover the costs of the damage. The loss assessor then explained the entire process of filing an insurance claim, following-up on the entire process and then negotiating with the insurance company, and Mr. Horgan felt it was more practical to have handle the entire process for him. has handled Mr. Horgans' case from the repairs all the way to settling with the insurance company.

    The History was set up in 2004 and has quickly become reputed as the best when it came to loss assessments and emergency repairs. Since setting up shop, Insurance Works has successfully worked with almost 2,000 clients, and has garnered enough experience to ensure that restorations done by their tradesmen always deliver and that claims filed in clients' behalf are settled favorably.

    Emergency Repair Response Team

    Insurance Works has managed to employ the best tradesmen of various specialisations within and around Dublin. Because of this, it does not matter what type of damage and kind of repair your property has sustained and needed done, Insurance Works can take care of everything from leaking pipes to window repairs in Ballyfermot. Moreover, you can be assured that regardless of what time of the day, or night, a home or property repair is needed, Insurance Works can always send someone to your doorstep.