Gain Peace of Mind Regarding an Investment by Hiring a Home Inspector

When it comes to buying a home, it's crucial to ensure you're making a sound investment. Real estate consists of far more than those aspects lying on the surface.


  1. When it comes to buying a home, it's crucial to ensure you're making a sound investment. Real estate consists of far more than those aspects lying on the surface. Anyone can replace missing shingles and have fresh vinyl siding installed, but those are often no more than band-aids to mask deeper issues. Once you've found what appears to be the perfect home for your family, consider revisiting the property with a professional home inspector.

    Certain obvious signs of problems can easily be spotted. Dark stains on ceilings indicate a leaky roof whereas doors and windows failing to open or close properly signify various levels of foundation damage. These aren't always so easy to discern, though, to the untrained eye. A thorough, unbiased probe of the structure in question can reveal a number of concerns or issues potentially developing down the road.

    This process covers both exterior and interior portions of the property. For heating and air conditioning systems, the outside units will be checked for damage, lack of maintenance and size adequacy in relation to the square footage of the home. While proper functionality inside can only be determined as the season permits, all relevant interior aspects will also receive attention.

    As a first line of defense against the elements, the roof needs to be deemed in good condition. SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION services will search for signs of worn shingles, decayed flashing, weak spots and other considerations outside before moving inside to look at the attic. In many cases, this is also the prime area to inspect the home's insulation to ensure enough has been installed, and it lacks moisture, mold growth or bare spots.

    Contributing to the structural integrity of the entire home, the foundation is also a key focal point. Even a hairline crack could indicate settling is taking place. Although this is a common occurrence, the inspector can use the age of the home as well as other building considerations to determine if such a problem is due to natural soil makeup or oversights on the part of the contractor. This extends inside to the basement or crawlspace, searching for moisture or signs of previous water damage.

    Plumbing and electrical systems are additionally significant areas of concern. Repairs could run a homeowner thousands of dollars if an inoperable system of this nature is discovered. These work in conjunction to provide security, comfort and convenience. Should they be unable to do so properly, this could lead to unsafe conditions for anyone living in the home.

    Prices for an inspection vary based on several factors, yet the cost tends to pale in comparison to that of unexpected repair and maintenance needs. If you sign on the dotted line before knowing what lies underneath the surface of a home, be sure a clause exists in the paperwork stating the purchase is contingent upon inspection results. Then, have a professional come to the property to grant you greater peace of mind before proceeding.