cheap car insurance 80916

cheap car insurance 80916cheap car insurance 80916


  1. cheap car insurance 80916
  2. cheap car insurance 80916
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. What is the best Car insurance?
  6. I'm a 16 year old student and i've noticed that car insurance is very expensive. Whats the cheapest insurance i can get, that covers a lot of situations?"
  7. Question for everyone...when universal healthcare is instituted?
  8. what is the first thing you'll have done? How will universal healthcare benefit those you love? I know I will go to the chiropractor first, I have insurance now but the copays for the visits are just not affordable. The headaches, neck pain and tendonitis in my wrists are painful and some days unbearable. I know that I will be able to get all the medication that my child needs without worrying about how I'm going to afford it. I know several people with mental health issues who do not take medication that would help them function in society because they can't afford it. I know several elderly people who will be able to get the testing that they need and the correct medication. I also know one elderly person who is only working for health insurance who will be able to afford to retire. How about you? I'm sure a lot of you know people who are struggling who could use help with their medical care."
  9. Scooter insurance - where can i get cheap scooter insurance for my 16 year old son ?
  10. My 16 yr old son is being quoted stupid prices - he has a 49cc and has past his cbt. can anyone suggest a company who specialise in young riders ?
  11. Do i need to have insurance if i don't use a car?
  12. Please tell me - do i need to have insurance when i don't use a car? I'm buying car next week but after that i'm going abroad for a month and nobody will use this car. I would like to know if i can keep car in garage for this time without insurance and buy when i go back? Maybe its comuplsory to have insurance for all time when i'm cars owner?
  13. How to get cheap car insurance?
  14. Hi guys, i really need your a good and effectivr advice about this, please if you know something that would help post it here! Im 20 year old, have a car Peugeot 206 1.1 litre - cheap market value (1000ish). I live in London. Since 17 years old im looking for insurance - unsuccessfully. The best quote i get is 4000ish. I have no criminal record, no accidents no claims - nothing! And im fed up with so many people driving at my age and I cant- i just dont understand why exactly mine is so bloody expensive! Ive tried every variation just to see what im missing - pass plus for example only helps to the extent of 100. Its just crazy - 3 years and i still cant drive - what the hell is wrong with this - home come everyone is showing off by how cheap insurance they have and i cant get anything? Whats the secret? Ive tried every combination - me as the main driver/named driver/owner/just user etc. cheapest is 4,000!! Whats wrong with me? Anybody knows whats the trick, how to solve this issue? Thanks!"
  15. Cost of insurance for 1999 mustang?
  16. im 16, did the full drivers ed course- should get me some discount. live in Connecticut prob gonna drive 5-7kmiles annually car already has 122k mi. car is black, v6 model standard. bought it for 2k$ HELP ME OUT A LITTLE, HOW MUCH WOULD MY INSURANCE COST?"
  17. Would a V6 minivan generally have a higher or lower insurance rate than an equally equipped V6 sedan?
  18. I'm shopping for a used car, and I figure if I can get all that extra space without it costing more I'll do it..."
  19. Crotch rockets and payments?
  20. i was wanting to get a crotch rocket.. are the payments and insurance pretty cheap? im 18 years old so i dont know if that would make a difference
  21. What insurance should i buy?
  22. what insurance policy do i need ? scenario: in a car accident (my fault) i get injured, but do not loose legs etc, but just need some phisicotherapy - it can cost a lot in uk i guess, and car insurance does not cover that what insurance should i buy?"
  23. Worries about insurance with a tracker?
  24. Being a 19 year old male who lives in London, insurance was clearly going to be a problem. I have however found some decent quotes which include having a tracker fitted. Now, I don't mind it too much but I do have some worries: a) The location/address: on the quote, I provided a relative's address which is outside of London (the address is about 40 to 50 minutes away from my actual address). Consequently, the price was cut by about half! The worry I have is that if I have a tracker installed, won't it be obvious to the insurer that this isn't my real home address when they see me parking and basically using my actual address instead of the relatives'? I won't be anywhere near the relative's address b) Speed limits: I once read somewhere that '90%+ people go over the speed limit' and although I don't know how true this is, it's clear from driving that in some areas, going at 30 causes delays and its a bit daunting when you're at the limit but everyone else is just speeding past. How much would this change the insurance? c) Price: is the price of the quote they provide the limit? What I mean is if they see bad driving with the tracker, could it increase the quote or is there a limit? Thanks for any help :) P.S Happy new year!"
  25. Explain which is better to invest in insurance or mutual funds?