cheap 9 seater van insurance

cheap 9 seater van insurancecheap 9 seater van insurance


  1. cheap 9 seater van insurance
  2. cheap 9 seater van insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. How much is car insurance for a 17 year old boy who is workin fast food?
  6. How much is car insurance for a 17 year old boy who is workin fast food?
  7. Pregnancy and insurance?
  8. I am five weeks pregnant and do not have any insurance. I cannot afford too expensive insurance. Is there any other option for low-cost coverage during pregnancy? Does anybody know what kind benefits California state offer? I live a few years in the United States, so I am not familiar with types insurance. Thank you for any suggestions and help."
  9. How do people with new cars afford insurance?
  10. I'm currently a university student looking to buy my first car soon, but I recently looked at a couple of insurance premium quotes and my mouth just dropped. How on earth do people afford insurance, especially those with new cars? It's insane to think you're going to be coughing out almost $300 a month for a new car. How to people do it? One of my friends (whose parents own their own business) have 4 cars ranging from 2010-2012 under finance.They must be paying LOADS of money on insurance, but how to people like that do it?"
  11. Car Insurance?
  12. I am just trying to get some quotes on maybe what my car insurance would be. I don't have the kind of car that I want yet but I was just trying to get an estimate and check and see what it would be around.. Can I get any quotes without the Vin Number?
  13. I currently don't have a car what kind of insurance can I get? ?
  14. I would like to buy insurance for when I rent cars, because the car rental insurance is just too high nowadays. What kind of insurance can I start to look for. I called a couple of places for a non-owner policy, but they were saying that I need a car first, to place the insurance on."
  15. Will my car insurance go up because i have a child with a driver's license?
  16. Hello, I am writing from Tucson, Arizona and I have 2 teenage sons (16 & 17) that both live in Wayne County, Michigan (near Detroit). The boys live with my ex-husband and he wont let them get their driver's license because he claims 'his insurance rates will go up'. ???is this true???? (I have a 21 year old daughter and when she was 16 with her driver's license I just excluded her from my insurance with one company and when I switched to another company, I just ommitted telling them I had a teenage driver. Does anyone know who this works in Michigan, Harper Woods, Michigan, I believe he has just a local company with no-fault insurance, state basic minimim insurance. ???Or if the boys do have to get their own insurance when they do get their own car, does anybody know the best rates for new teenage drivers with a good record???? thanks"
  17. Home & Auto Insurance Rip-Off?
  18. My home & Auto insurance has doubled thisyear. I called today to ask why as I had no claims or tickets. The reason I was told was the new way that rates are based. My agent said that your credit score is now used in the calculation of your rate. With one credit card that I pay off in full monthly and never a late payment nor any outstanding debt i would think I should have scored high on my credit report. I feel by being fiscally responsible I am being ripped off by the insurance companies by this foolish way of rating policies. are their any other insuance companies that still rate you the old fashioned way by your record?
  19. How much does life insurance cost monthly for a 28 year old nonsmoking female??
  20. How much does life insurance cost monthly for a 28 year old nonsmoking female??
  21. Texas Roadhouse health insurance?
  22. I was told working full time here I'd get free health insurance. Does anyone know if this is true? :)
  23. Amica car insurance........?
  24. I heard this is the cheapest auto insurance out there and wanna ask what makes it so cheap and what do you need to qualify I want to insure my dodge stealth if that helps thanks in advance
  25. On average what is the cost of mobile home insurance in the state of Florida?