Spokane State of the city speech 2013

Spokane Mayor David Condon gave his state of the city speech this morning at a GSI breakfast at the convention center. Forgive the typos in my tweets - I was firing away fast as I could.

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  1. The first thing that struck me was that the mayor didn't ever say "The state of the city is ___." His speech balanced was part explainer, part philosophy and part business development pitch.

  2. The mayor only referred in passing to his efforts to consolidate and privatize city services, which we wrote about last spring.
  3. Condon's point about keeping utility rates down was one of the specifics about what he intends to continue doing as mayor.

  4. A pair of big screens flanked the mayor with real-time updates from Facebook and Twitter feeds. He kept mentioning it was a chance to share silly photos of him, so I did:
  5. Time to replace "Near nature, near perfect?"
  6. Ahem, I meant If that *ain't hipster . . .

  7. At one point the audience starts laughing and we look over to the suggestion screen where someone has written "less snow."