Hire a Law Group for a Personal Injury Suit

Thousands of personal injury attorneys are available to help those who have been injured in accidents due to others’ negligence.


  1. Thousands of personal injury attorneys are available to help those who have been injured in accidents due to others’ negligence. However, every personal injury attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio is different. Before making a hiring decision, talk to several lawyers and ask each the following questions.

    What’s the Focus of Your Practice?

    Personal injury attorneys with statmanharris.com handle different kinds of cases, but many have a focus on a specific type. For instance, a lawyer who handles trucking accidents may deal in those cases exclusively, and they may be very knowledgeable on federal and state trucking regulations. The lawyers you interview can tell you more about previous cases, and they can tell you what percentage of their practice is made of similar cases. When interviewing attorneys, ask for references from previous clients – and follow up with these references to learn about the lawyer’s level of experience.

    Can you Take my Case?

    Ask each lawyer about their case load, and acknowledge that the attorney has many demands on his or her time. Be sure to hire an attorney who can give your case the attention it deserves, but be realistic. Don’t forget to ask how long it may be before a suit is filed.

    What’s your Fee Structure?

    Most personal injury attorneys don’t charge fees until the case reaches a verdict or a settlement. Many people don’t have enough money to litigate cases themselves, and no one expects an accident to happen. Personal injury attorneys with Statman, Harris & Eyrich, LLC acknowledge that they must use their own time and money with no guarantee of payment. In most cases, clients sign a contingency agreement that states the attorney will get a percentage of the settlement amount. If the case is lost, the client doesn’t owe anything.

    Which Expenses am I Responsible For?

    There’s a difference between legal costs and legal services. A service is something that takes up the lawyer’s time, such as preparing a plea, research or the completion of a discovery request. A cost is something such as a filing fee, office expense or the hiring of an expert witness. Ask whether you have to pay any of these expenses upfront, or whether you’ll have to repay them if you don’t win your case.

    Some law firms may give potential clients ideas during the initial consultation, but not implement those ideas during the case. When hiring Statman Harris, make sure that you know who will be working on your case. In some cases, experienced lawyers work with the client, but others will handle most of the hard work. Find out just who will be working for you, and be sure you're accepting of the arrangement.