The Mindshift | Social Leadership Redefined

Value Creation is being disrupted all over the world. We are entering an era of Real Time management. Leaders need to take on a whole different role - as Social Enablers!


  1. Could not approve more on this statement! | "Social media is an extension of every aspect of a business to improve how it connects to employees and customers and how it evolves processes, products, and services over time."
  2. "Social media technology has opened the door, enabling business leaders to think differently about how they engage and interact with both customers and employees. But opening the door doesn’t mean you’ve crossed the threshold into a new way of working, managing and leading. Those ends — what we’ve described as the attributes of a “social organization” — take more than setting loose the technology and praying something good will happen."
  3. ""If a business would just understand that it is all in the relationship building and that it takes time..."
  4. "Whatever the reason, CEOs appear not to notice how their current and future customers are trampling over the old playbook, and rewriting it with their own rules – rules that shift power to the consumer".
  5. "Participation, purpose, and performance represent the goals for guiding management and the requirements for effective managers/sponsors in mass collaboration. However, it takes a particular type of manager and management team to foster the type of mass collaboration that taps into the collective genius of your customers and employees."
  6. "A social organization mobilizes its people — from associates to customers, suppliers and others without regard to hierarchy or position — and their interests, passions, knowledge and experience. Tapping into the collective wisdom of everyone creates a new source of competitive advantage, agility and future innovation".
  7. "Wake Up! Times have changed drastically". 
  8. Shifting to Attraction and Abundance.
    Shifting to Attraction and Abundance.
  9. Doug Richard – The zero capital business
  10. "Today we have 3 dominant mega trends in innovation; InsightingBusiness Model innovation and Open Innovation.
    The last one is totally built upon Cooperation ….or actually on Collaboration … or ….yeah, what do we mean really? What is the difference between the two? "
  11. "Culture is always the most invisible but the best elastic strings to connect all the innovation treasures, to let your organization survive in the age of petabytes, and allowing your business to thrive at the age of convergence".