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Best Hospitals Offer Low Cost Liberation Treatment in India

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India offers the highest quality care for a discounted price for the low cost liberation treatment in India.


  1. Overview

    The liberation treatment in India is a whole new approach to treat the patients suffering with multiple sclerosis. Recently, the low cost Liberation treatment in India has become a new hope for millions of patients suffering with Multiple sclerosis from across the globe. A former vascular surgeon and professor at the University of Ferrara in Norther Italy, Dr. Polo Zamboni has developed this procedure while trying to understand the underlying causes for the Multiple Sclerosis of his wife.
  2. Why to Choose India for Liberation Treatment?

    Liberation treatment in India is often recommended as the vascular intervention intends to free the blood flow from the brain. This surgery is designed to remove the blockages from the venal system. The accumulation of the waste tainted blood in the bran will leave the iron deposits in the cells which will lead to cell degeneration. These brain cells and brain functioning will become severely affected.
  3. The stents and Balloon angioplasty have been proposed treatment option for CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis. These proposed treatments are termed as liberation treatments or procedures. The CCSVI treatment stents are medically treated tubing inserted into the vein for refortifying the structure in order to normalize the blood flow. This procedure involves application of the stentin the damaged areas but removing the blockage or at the same time preventing the blood from flowing back. These stents will be left attached in the affected areas to help in the blood flow and prevent any further damage from recurring.
  4. There are ongoing studies as well as research into the best practises for the CCSVI treatment and the patients who are treated with this procedure are usually given the blood thinning medications post surgery. This will reduce the risk of developing the blood clot in the stent and block an artery. Restenosis which is the re-closing of the artery can occur.
  5. A balloon angioplasty is the best approach in terms of CCSVI surgery and the angioplasty procedure is termed as liberation procedure for CCSVI. It will widen the collapsed and deformed veins that have been destroyed by CCSVI.
  6. Medical Tourism Increases

    Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India offers the highest quality care fora discounted price for the low cost liberation treatment in India to our foreign patients with multiple sclerosis. We have collaborated with many experienced vascular and angioplasty surgeons who have performed hundreds of surgeries each year involving the patients from abroad. The liberation treatment in India is no different as it required same surgical and medical skills. The availability of abundant medical expertise combined with the low cost liberation treatment in India is the main reason why patients choose us to book their treatment.
  7. We assist to provide you the best of all medical tourism facilities and healing solutions including the low cost liberation treatment in India and you can explore the fast and most convenient medical tourism services with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India. Over the years, many foreign patients have got their low cost liberation treatment in India with us. We provide a customized comprehensive neurological rehabilitation at the best medical centres across the country. We offer unique and specialized rehabilitation that benefits our foreign patients immensely such that they return home after undergoing a final consultation with the respective surgeons in India.
  8. How Much Actually Cost Liberation Treatment in India?

    The actual cost liberation treatment in India is about 60 to 80 percent less than the current cost of treatment in the USA. Also the cost of treatment in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants often cover a comfortable and cost effective trip planning, stay, journey, tourist experience and recuperation that comes less than the cost of treatment incurred in the USA. The CCSVI liberation treatment will cost about 12,000 in the USA while it costs only$4,000 in India.
  9. Conclusion

    Considering the low cost liberation treatment in India at the best hospitals with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants will help you save more on the medical treatment. We also assist our foreign patients by sending them quickmedical visa letters, help with travelling, food, stay arrangements during their entire travel in India. Send us your inquiry to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India and book your appointment for low cost liberation treatment in India.