2020 Vision of Canada's Oceans Dialogue - Day 1 PM

The 2020 Vision Dialogue brings together major stakeholders in Canada's oceans to discuss how science can inform policy to maintain productive oceans that provide maximum benefits to Canadians.


  1. First session of Thursday PM: CHONe tools and ideas.  A quick sweep through some of the projects in each of CHONe's three major research themes: Marine Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Ocean Connectivity.
  2. Pierre Pepin, co-leader of the Ocean Connectivity theme and DFO Research Scientist, was frank about DFO needs.
  3. One solution, proposed by John Roff:
  4. However...
  5. Dialogue leader Amanda Vincent posed pointed questions about the impact of CHONe outputs, which led to an interesting discussion about the timeframe of implementation of scientific results.
  6. Next up: Martha Crago, VP Research at Dalhousie University and head of the Canadian Consortium of Ocean Research Universities (CCORU), revealed the main findings of a recently released report on Ocean Science in Canada, by the Canadian Council of Academies.