Tips On How To Sing

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  1. Voice Lessons in Novi, Michigan - Expressions Music Academy
    Voice Lessons in Novi, Michigan - Expressions Music Academy
  2. Contrary to popular belief, if you have vocal chords you could probably learn to hold a tune if you really wanted to. Some tips on how to sing are really easy things to do every day. Others are of greatest importance if you plan to perform.

    One simple rule that anyone can observe is to watch what you eat and drink before singing. Some professionals give up chocolate or cheese for the duration of their careers. Others just need to observe a few rules on performance day.

    The ideal drink is water. Herbal tea is okay, though the best temperature for fluid is lukewarm. No pop or alcohol: these cause you to burp and sometimes irritate the throat. Avoid anything that you are sensitive to, like sulfites, and foods which cause mucus (such as juice or milk) or coughing (like nuts).

    Breathing as a singer is different from the breathing we do all of the time without thinking. Learning to control breath will enable a singer to direct notes also as even work on dynamics. Feel the upper abdomen when you draw breath as from diaphragm which is not from the nose or the throat.

    Work by alternative activities. Take a deep breath and sing an exercise like scales or intervals. Push out short breaths on one note, singing just ha, ha, ha.

    Good posture is important. This allows airways to remain open from diaphragm to throat. Sit with the shoulders back and also down. As when sitting or standing, keep the back straight, head to be up but not back; otherwise, air need to be cut off.

    Confidence will win the day even when the rough edges are still linger. The nerves causes the wavering and the anxiety steals the voice but the confidence will fool others, even yourself. Not only when you sing but enjoy more as the part of a choir, small group, or being alone in behind the microphone.

    Get on top of each note. If you try to reach from beneath, the result will fall flat. Your aim is to drop down, not hover above in a screech or with a sharp effect. Be brave; aim high.

    Practice is critical as with any new skill. Throat muscles need time to develop. Confidence builds. Before long you might have the courage to stand up in front of a crowd instead of just singing along to the radio, although if this gives you pleasure, then enjoy it even more with better control. Soon, a range of one and half octaves will stretch a full half octave, opening a range of songs you would never have thought to sing before.