Women making history


  1. In honour of International Women's Day, we decided to spend the day celebrating women who have written, documented and promoted history. We knew that the 13 March event 'London's women historians: a celebration and a conversation' would be promoting 20th-century women historians, so we thought we'd look at earlier women historians, including those who predate the profession of history. The IHR Twitter team all contributed suggestions and we ended up with a list of over 35 women. We chose to group these as #WomenMakingHistory to reflect the inclusive nature of the campaign. We invited our followers to add their own suggestions.
  2. We decided to keep the tweets simple with a link to a Wikipedia page or to further reading for our followers. We started off with Ban Zhao, the first known female Chinese historian, who wrote in the first century AD and moved roughly chronologically from there.
  3. Hildegard of Bingen was one of our most popular tweets of the day and we received excellent replies from our followers including a link to music she'd written, a podcast about her and an inspiring quotation of hers that reflected the spirit of the #WomenMakingHistory campaign: we wanted to celebrate the voices of women that continue to echo today.
  4. We loved the diversity of the work that the women included in the campaign undertook. Charlotta Frölich, for example, is considered Sweden's first female historian and she was also the first woman ever published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences with her work on agricultural science.