London's women historians: a celebration and a conversation

On 13 March 2017, the IHR hosted an event organised by Dr Laura Carter and Dr Alana Harris centred on gender equality, which remains one of the most pressing issues in the historical profession.


  1. The event was an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women doing history in the past, and inaugurate a pop-up exhibition of twentieth-century London women historians at the IHR. We also discussed how to ensure issues of gender equality and the contribution of women to the discipline remain at the fore of history in London via the IHR, as Britain’s ‘national’ centre for history.
  2. The Twitter activity leading up to and during the event was tagged #womenhistorians and we've tried to capture as much of the conversation and enthusiasm as possible.
  3. In the days leading up to it, the excitement about the event was palpable!
  4. And we were delighted to finally see the #womenhistorians portraits go up in the IHR staircase.