iPhone 5 Global Launch Live

IDG's global rolling coverage of the iPhone 5 launch. Follow live updates from IDG/Macworld reporters in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. Respond using Twitter hashtag #iphone5global. Written by @martyn_williams Refresh for latest.


  1. 1030 PDT / 1330 EDT / 1730 GMT / 330 AEST
    We wrap up our 'round the world coverage with the iPhone 5 launch in Paris, London, Boston and New York City. Lots of eager people waiting in line, but not everyone is happy. Check out our video report by @nickjb.
  2. Apple's iPhone 5 goes on sale in Europe, North America, but not everyone's happy
  3. 0945 PDT / 1245 EDT / 1645 GMT / 0245 AEST The story so far...
  4. 0905 PDT / 1205 EDT / 1605 GMT / 0205 AEST If it's Paris, there's also a job action, of course.
  5. 0805 PDT / 1105 EDT / 1505 GMT / 0105 AEST: Apple had a good crowd in Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley
  6. 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT / 1500 GMT / 0100 AEST: And the iPhone 5 hits the U.S. west coast!
  7. 0755 PDT / 1055 EDT / 1455 GMT / 0055 AEST: You might have to buy adapters and new cables, but the new connector on the iPhone 5 is so much smaller.
  8. 0750 PDT / 1050 EDT / 1450 GMT / 0050 AEST: It's been a chilly night in northern California but there's only 10 more minutes until the iPhone 5 goes on sale. Here's a quick round-up of what the west coast is catching up to.
  9. 0700 PDT / 1000 EDT / 1400 GMT / 0000 AEST: The iPhone 5 has just gone on sale in the US mountain time zone, which includes Denver. Next up is the west coast including Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and the Apple-loving San Francisco Bay Area, including Apple's home base of Cupertino and Palo Alto, where Steve Jobs lived.
  10. 0650 PDT / 0950 EDT / 1350 GMT / 2350 AEST: Would you pay someone to wait in line for an iPhone 5? Isn't the waiting meant to be part of the fun? There are several stories today about people waiting in line on behalf of others for the new handset. From Chicago, this story mentions someone paid $175 to wait 14 hours, but the biggest attention is being paid to the first in line in San Francisco, who was apparently paid $1,500 to do so.
  11. 0645 PDT / 0945 EDT / 1345 GMT / 2345 AEST: For folks making the switch to the new iPhone, Serenity Caldwell at Macworld has a handy guide on getting started with the new phone.
  12. 0630 PDT / 0930 EDT / 1330 GMT / 2330 AEST: Back on the subject of iOS 6 Maps, PC Advisor in the UK has a tutorial on how to bring back Google Maps to the iPhone 5 screen. It's not quite the same as the old map -- it links to the mobile web version -- but it will return those maps and all of that data missing from the Apple app,
  13. 0625 PDT / 0925 EDT / 1325 GMT / 2325 AEST: In Japan, thieves broke into several shops overnight and stole over 200 iPhones, reports my colleague Jay Alabaster in Tokyo. Such thefts are rare in the country, particularly because the carrier can lock the cell phone from being used. In previous thefts, police have suspected the phones are destined for overseas precisely because they can avoid that carrier block.
  14. 0615 PDT / 0915 EDT / 1315 GMT / 2315 AEST: Even RIM is doing its bit to help persuade Blackberry customers to buy an iPhone 5. Of all the days to have an outage...