Favorite quotes: Keeping priorities straight

This morning we tweeted, "Tell us: What quotation reminds you to keep your priorities straight?" Here are the results of a daylong #favoritequotesroundup.

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  1. Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good - Minor Myers, Jr
  2. People were ready to start the day with some inspiration! 
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  4. A wonderful remembrance

  5. One of the sweetest things that was shared began when Dana tweeted...
  6. I tweeted back to ask Dana who said that one. She replied:
  7. Then Dana shared this goosebumps-inducing blog post about her mom's legacy:
  8. And I found this remembrance:
  9. Who here wishes they'd had a school librarian as cool as Ms. Vickers-Shelley? I sure do
  10. Too many to tweet

  11. Danielle Sucher couldn't pick just one! She said "@idealist It took a whole post for me to answer this one properly."
  12. Love it. Thanks, Danielle!
  13. A whole day of inspiration

  14. Word lovers also chimed in over on our Facebook page. Emma Peabody shared this wisdom from Mary Oliver: