Ann Somerville's history of terribleness

#DoNotEngage enjoys documenting the bad behaviour of others. She does not enjoy being held accountable for her own. On her behaviour from 2000 - 2015.


  1. Somerville regularly continues to tweet at her targets after they have blocked her.
  2. More Somerville throwing gendered slurs. "Don't call me sweetie, cuntface." Source.
  3. "Incidentally, Ann Somerville showed up on a thread I was on back in 2012 at one point, called a friend of mine a stupid cow, told me to "Shut up" and later deleted all her posts (The "reply" in other posts preserved her "Kaje, shut up." comment.) and then removed her reviews of my books from sites like Smashwords. So I don't consider her to be a measured judge of civil discourse either." Source.
  4. "And this kind of shit is par for the course with Somerville." Source.
  5. "According to Somerville in the comments of this highly intellectual conversation about Think of England, most gay men reviewing M/M do so only to be sycophants or to describe whether or not they could wank to it. Yeah." Source.
  6. "Considering Ann and her fans used to attack GR reviewers on Twitter, and then on their reviews, because she didn’t like the name of their shelves, I find her presence in any conversation relating to a bankrupt critical culture to be quite laughable. She seems to be some kind of history revisionist." Source.