Ann Somerville harasses Julio Alexi Genao

#DoNotEngage goes after yet another person of colour, her 4th or 5th within three months from Oct - Dec 2014. This latest episode started Dec 8 2014, ongoing.


  1. An overview of the situation by Alexis Hall. A second overview by Jeanne, highlighting the racial components.
  2. Somerville responds. "To Hall and Genao, to all their enablers, supporters and fan things – I wish you a hearty “fuck off and die”. These fuckers have hurt my friends, have abused me completely without cause, and generally behaved like baboons on crack just to work off their grudgewank."

  3. Some of her recent interactions with K. Tempest Bradford and Solace Ames, both women of colour. Prior to shutting down her twitter, Somerville was aiming to attack @sirtessa, the woman of colour who created #illridewithyou in response to the Sydney siege. Somerville's track record with men of colour isn't much better.