ICT4Fisheries2016 – Day Three

#ICT4Fisheries2016 Workshop Date: 8 - 10 November 2016 Venue: The Calders Hotel, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa Hosted by: ABALOBI, BLUE VENTURES & UCT ICT4D Funded by: WESTERN INDIAN OCEAN MARINE SCIENCE ASSOCIATION

  2. Final day of #ICT4Fisheries2016: Focus on: 1. Mainstreaming #fisher-supported #ICTs into regional & national #fisheriespolicies & depts ...
  3. Final day #ICT4Fisheries2016: Focus on: 3. Stimulating new partnerships | Collaborative #ICT4Fisheries network&portal | Follow-on workshops


  5. Summary of Previous Day (Day Two)
  6. Missed day 2 of #ICT4Fisheries2016? Catch the Storify here ... – with Western Indian Ocean Marine Science...  http://fb.me/2s22WGkJw 
  7. Open Discussion: Management & Policy Recommendations on:

    Creating regional & national platforms with different ICT applications | Assisting large fisher networks | Mainstreaming fisher-supported ICT applications into the operational programmes of national fisheries departments & policies
  8. #ICT4Fisheries2016 @Sergeraemaekers 2/2 "...can be parallel process IF strategised carefully. #Comanagement needs to be stimulated."
  9. Opportunity to Stimulate New Partnerships (Speed-dating Methodology)

  10. The Way Forward: Towards a Collaborative ICT4Fisheries Network

    Plans for a network portal & follow-on workshop: What to include, & which portals to link?
    Which ICTs & initiatives were not addressed in the scope of this workshop?
  11. #ICT4Fisheries2016 Virginie Lagarde: It is important to remember that ICT is not equal to #app. #tech is very diverse.
  12. #ICT4Fisheries2016 Eric from @this_fish reiterated that it is important to take a step back and think about the process and methodology
  13. Way forward: When #ICT4Fisheries2016 was conceptualised with @wiomsa the idea was to go beyond a workshop & push the use of #ICTs forward...
  14. Closing Remarks
  15. Insightful discussions and amazing networking at #ICT4Fisheries2016 over the last two days https://t.co/qbRGQrC42Y
    Insightful discussions and amazing networking at #ICT4Fisheries2016 over the last two days pic.twitter.com/qbRGQrC42Y
  16. @tordeben says #ICT4Fisheries2016 unique: hasnt been about competing #ICT4D projects – rather about community of #ICT4Fisheries #innovators
  17. We are diverse group but above all we a human beings that have a common goal and willing to engage and find ways forward #ICT4Fisheries2016