Ibogaine University Review


  1. Ibogaine University Review

  2. The reviews of Ibogaine proceed to prove how extremely effective of a treatment it is towards addiction. It targets those addicted to opiates and detoxes them nearly instantly. The effects of it last a lifetime some would say. Almost all withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and urges are nonexistent. Patients are more than open to express the importance of this aspect of Ibogaine use. This is because the after effects of discontinuing the use of opiates are the hardest to face. But with Ibogaine, they’re minds are put at ease, and the recovery process is quick. Ibogaine restores the brain and resets it to it’s normal state. It rapidly heals it in a way that would normally take years to achieve. Being a powerful plant medicine, it allows users a chance to see their lifestyles and choices and decide whether or not they wish to stay on the path they taking. It produces visions of life and choices, therefore guiding our patients.

  3. Below are video reviews on the experiences of being at the Ibogaine University Treatment Center — 1 (800) 351-9777. See the transcriptions of their responses below.
  4. “It was not good before I came here. I was bad. The ibogaine for me was about family, about history, about what it took to make me. I felt confused. Why I felt so good. I couldn’t accept it, but I really was. When you come off of heroin, anyone who knows, I mean the first day, the second day. The third and fourth day are pretty bad, so it wasn’t bad. It’s like I was somewhere else through the rough of it. I felt weird and uncomfortable, but I feel good now. I would totally recommend this. I would send my family members who are struggling too. Down here it’s the best chance to do it.”

  5. “I just want to talk about my Ibogaine experience. I’ve been addicted to heroin for over 10 years now. Tried everything: methadone, suboxone, 12 step programs. Nothing seemed to work. I found out about Ibogaine through a friend of mine. I did some research behind it. I actually came out to Rosarito, Mexico, had the procedure done. It was rough for me, it was a rough ride. But coming through on the other side, my body feels great. Totally worth the experience. Totally detoxified my body. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who’s struggling with any opiate addiction, any depression, any alcoholism. The people here are great. The staff was great to me. Good food. Good people. Good atmosphere. I have no complaints whatsoever. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”