IBM systems aimed directly at big data and cloud for SMBs

Updates to POWER with all systems getting Power7+ processor. Today’s news includes PureData System for Analytics to capitalize on big data and a smaller PureApplication System to accelerate cloud deployments for a broader range of organizations.


  1. IBM has added the POWER7+ processor to each and every Power Systems server, and starting today, customers can get into a full-fledged Power Systems server for as little as $5,497. 
  2. Laura Didio, Analyst, ITIC said...
  3. Overall, the newest Power Systems and PureApplication System offerings with the POWER7+ architecture deliver tangible and excellent value for all classes of businesses from SMBs to large enterprises. Existing IBM customers and prospective customers alike will be well served by the Power Systems’ improved performance and throughput, improved consolidation, energy efficiency and world class RAS.
  4. Jim Kelly, Wikibon analyst made the following observations on the opportunity the changes will offer SMBs when it comes to BigData
  5. “It does require a lot of expertise, and it costs money and time and effort. IBM realized that here’s an opportunity for SMBs that haven’t been able to get involved in big data…to allow them to deploy big data and start using it, at least in a modified fashion, at a price point that is feasible for small businesses,” Kelly says.
  6. Big Data Revolution Hits Small Biz with IBM's New Servers - Breaking Analysis
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  9. IBMer Nigel Griffiths takes you through the newly announced POWER7+ Low End Servers. Power 710, 720, 730, 740 and the brand new servers Power 750, 760 in particular. 
  10. His wing-man Gareth Coates have been using a Power 760 for 3 months as part of Early Ship Program testing of the new hardware and software features.  Watch the video for shipping dates

  11. Colin Parris, General Manager, IBM Power Systems contributed to the Smarter Planet blog..
  12. Big Data isn’t the sole province of big companies. Organizations of all sizes are challenged to make sense of huge amounts of data from mobile devices, video cameras, sensors and social networks.