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What Media Should Be

What Media Should Be: The Exception To The RULERS - Amy Goodman


  1. As alternate advocates, activists provide an essential feedback loop to correct serious flaws in organizational thinking.

    Organizational systems most often fail because of a lack of collaborative integrity. 

    Collaborative Integrity = Collaborative Deliberation + Collaborative Accountability + Collaborative Transparency + Collaborative Altruism

    Corruption, confusion, chaos, and catastrophic failure in organizations can be easily prevented.Throughout history, major disasters involving organizations - regardless of their sector of origin or area of impact (government, private industry, military, intelligence, environment, economy, science, engineering, healthcare, medicine, public health, law enforcement, etc.) - usually have one thing in common: a lack of collaborative deliberation, collaborative accountability, collaborative transparency, or collaborative accountability. Often all four critical elements of collaborative integrity are missing.

  2. Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles"
  3. "The responsibility of a journalist is to give a voice to those who have been forgotten, forsaken, beaten down by the powerful."

    "There's got to be a media outlet that is run not by corporations that profit from war, but run by journalists and artists."

    "When you hear someone speaking from their own experience - whether a Palestinian child, an Israeli grandmother, an Afghan aunt, an uncle from Afghanistan - you come to understand them a little better. You don't necessarily have to agree, but you understand where they're coming from. We need a Media in this country that builds bridges between communities, rather than advocates the bombing of bridges. The Media can be a great force for peace. But that's not how it's used in this country."

    "For all of the new ways - interesting ways of distributing media...I still think we need to get back to the very important basics of journalism: holding those in power accountable. Simple as that."

    "In this high-tech digital age...still all we ever get is static - that veil of distortion, lies, misrepresentations, and half-truths that obscure reality. When what we need is the dictionary definition of static: criticism, opposition, unwanted interference. We need a Media that covers power, not covers for power. We need a Media that is The Fourth Estate, not "For the State." And we need a Media that covers the movements that create static and make history. That's not the kind of Media we have in this country."

    - Amy Goodman
  4. State-of-the-art social networking software not only facilitates collaborative deliberation, transparency, and accountability - it demands it.
  5. State of the Art Social Networking Software demands collaborative deliberation, collaborative accountability, and collaborative transparency.

    Acting as alternate advocates, activists provide the fourth essential ingredient for collaborative integrity: collaborative altruism - activating a critical feedback loop to correct serious flaws in organizational thinking.