How to fix a lock or stuck iPad

Sometimes it happens that iPad get stuck in a particular position and user is not able to use it further. The Solution for this is easy and given in the following article.


  1. Security features on iPhone, iPad, iPod is useful for safety as well as it is a reason for frustration.
    iPod is the multipurpose pocket size computer. Its demand is increasing day by day. Users find it very interesting and useful. Some users face little problems during its use. For any problem regarding iPod, click on iPod support number.

  2. When the iPad is lost or stolen it will get disabled on its own when one enters a wrong passcode in it and it prevents one to enter in it.
    When the wrong passcode is entered by its user only by mistake it will get disabled for one minute. After one minute time if the passcode entered by a user is again wrong it will get disable for another five minute. The same can be done by a kid. Another wrong passcode will disable the iPad permanently. iPad can be enabled by iCloud or iTunes or it can be done through find my iPad feature.
    We have a solution to fix the disabled iPad problem but what is the solution when iPad gets locked or stucked at Apple logo. Without fixing this problem one can not be able to do anything with iPad.

  3. Entry to recovery mode in iPad-
    Connect the USB lead to PC. The USB lead came along with the iPad will be the best for this use. Connect the USB only with the PC, connecting the USB with the PC requires some steps for security purpose.
    Turn OFF the iPad. This can be done by holding sleep button of the iPad. After getting the red slider on the screen, activate it to OFF the iPad.
    Hold down the HOME button of the iPad and connect the USB to iPad. Continue holding the HOME BUTTON until iTunes logo appears on the screen.
    After connecting the USB you will receive a message on the screen indicating that you entered in a recovery mode.
    At this point, user can restore its iPad through iTunes following its instructions.
    If a user has a backup with iCloud and iTunes and a user can recover everything during these process.
    If the user does not have a backup with iTunes and iCloud then also user can recover everything simply by downloading the Apps.
    If the iPad is locked user don’t have access to a computer, a user can use find my iPad to wipe it remotely. This can be done by simply signing in iCloud by id and password. To wipe the iPad remotely choose your iPad and then tap on ERASE iPad.
    If the above solution doesn’t work, click on iPad customer support.