#PeshawarAttack: @CAIR, @ISNAhq, @ICNA Roundup


  1. Thought I would check on the American Islamic (I use that word advisedly, since they each use the world "Islam" or "Islamic" in their names) organizations and their communications vis-a-vis the attack in Peshawar.
  2. CAIR has put out a statement--though you have to look for it on their website:
  3. I can't help but note that it steers clear of even using the word "Taliban", the phrase TTP, or even the word "terror" or "terrorism". It condemns the "senseless and bloodthirsty attack on children".
  4. Take from that what you will.
  5. What is useful is that their twitter feed is a good place to learn about events related to the event where they or some other American Muslims have participated:
  6. ICNA is a little more forthright, condemning "the senseless and brutal attack", noting that the TTP has taken responsibility. They go on to say that "This is a despicable and cowardly act by the TTP. It goes against every human and Islamic value". No direct condemnation of the TTP, Taliban, or terrorism, though they do “ demand that the government of Pakistan respond to this ignominious act with the relentless force of law, and hold the criminals to account.”:
  7. ISNA, on the other hand, expresses condolences to victims of the Taliban Attack on High School" and "Condemns the Killing of Innocent Civilians". Again noting that "According to media reports, Taliban gunmen forced their way through a high school and opened fire killing 132 students and nine staff members with over 120 students and three staff members injured." Again not a direction condemnation of TTP, Taliban or terrorism.
  8. Now, am not saying that "Islamic" (by their own profession) organizations should be required to get up and condemn any and all incidents of terrorism. They are welcome to decide what they engage in and what they don't. But one does hope that when they do choose to speak out, that one day they will get off the mat and, instead of being defensive and saying that "there can be no justification religious or otherwise for the killing of innocent school children and school staff" (ISNA); or that "it goes against every human and Islamic value" (ICNA); they will tell us what Islam DOES say about this kind of thing. It's been 13 years since 9/11 and I am STILL waiting for one of these folks, when they are on CSPAN to lay down what The Prophets and the real Caliphs said about actions such as these and what punishment they laid down for people who commit such acts--especially if they claim to be Muslims.